3rd Party Management Webinars

Financial Services Webinar Series 

Comerica Bank’s Journey - “Getting to Strong” Third Party Management   

Gloria Oldani, Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Procurement, Comerica Bank and Linda Tuck Chapman, third party risk expert, President ONTALA Performance Solutions and former Chief Procurement Officer share their insight, industry leading best practices and some lessons learned during Comerica Bank’s implementation of their third party risk management program.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Getting started: the risk-centric framework, work streams, roles and responsibilities
  • Why do we segment third parties?
  • Criticality and risk – why and how you should differentiate
  • An innovative “cluster” approach to assessing and managing “non-vendor” third parties
  • What’s next – enhancing post-contract management and monitoring

Featured Speakers

Gloria Oldani
SVP and Director of Corporate Procurement,
Comerica Bank

Linda Tuck Chapman
President ONTALA Performance



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