3rd Party Management Webinars

Financial Services Webinar Series 

Diving into Third Party Management Due Diligence 

Thursday, August 20th | 11:00 AM (EDT) | 60 mins

Join us on Thursday, August 20th, when Linda Tuck Chapman, President ONTALA Performance and former Chief Procurement Officer in three major banks will present a one hour seminar to share some practical advice and third party lifecycle management best practices.   

This webinar will address the following topics:

  • Emerging best practices in due diligence assessments
  • How to align due diligence processes with OCC, FRB and FFIEC guidance
  • The difference between due diligence in your 1.) go-to-market due diligence processes, and 2.) primary, 3.) secondary and 4.) periodic due diligence
  • Key stakeholders, their roles and responsibilities
  • Tips for managing a heavy workload


Featured Speaker

Linda Tuck Chapman
President ONTALA Performance



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