3rd Party Management Webinars

Regulation and Re-Regulation: 3rd Party Management in Today's Regulatory Environment

The Financial Services Industry is constantly dealing with changing regulations - and your 3rd parties need to be in compliance with many of those regulations. Listen to an informative Webcast as C. Russel Hansen, Jr. -  Partner at Chu, Ring & Hazel LLP will discuss the impact that changing federal mandates have had - and will have in the financial services industry. In this presentation, Mr. Hansen will discuss the need for 3rd Party Risk Management in the following areas:

AML, CFPB, Cybersecurity, Director Liability, Dodd Frank, FCPA, FDIC, FACTA and more...

RusselC. Russel Hansen, Jr.

Mr. Hansen has more than 40 years experience as outside and in-house counsel dealing with corporate governance, securities law compliance, and other business transactions. Today Mr. Hansen serves as business counsel to management and independent legal counsel to directors, boards and their committees.


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