3rd Party Management Webinars

Managing 3rd Parties for Regulatory Compliance

Listen to  Michael Rasmussen from GRC 20/20 and Greg Dickinson from Hiperos for a thought-provoking and informative webinar as we continue to explore the requirements for developing a 3rd party management program. This webcast: Managing your 3rd Parties for Regulatory Compliance will walk through the final steps in the 3rd party management process. 

In this webcast you will learn how to:

  • Establish business rules and automate processes for ongoing controls and monitoring
  • Deliver, monitor and enforce appropriate compliance training and attestations on organizational policies to relationship managers and 3rd parties
  • Automate, monitor and review changes in Risk Levels for 3rd parties

During this webinar, Hiperos will present real-world examples of how companies are effectively managing their 3rd parties to ensure compliance with Federal Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption laws such as FCPA.

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