3rd Party Management Webinars

Understanding the Root Causes of FCPA Scrutiny and Enforcement  

This webinar will explore the many realities of the global marketplace that often funnel well-managed and well-intentioned business organizations into situations that present FCPA risk.  Understanding the root causes of FCPA enforcement actions can help inform pro-active FCPA compliance policies and procedures and recognizing the fallacy of "good companies don't bribe" can help set realistic expectations in terms of what FCPA compliance policies and procedures can and can not accomplish. In this webinar Mike Koehler founder and editor of FCPA Professor will discuss:

  • The Contradiction: your company’s policies prohibit bribery, yet in the country into which you’re expanding, it’s the way to do business
  • Bottom up or top down: "Tone at the top" and executive sponsorship is great, but most FCPA violations occur in the field, not in the boardroom
  • How compliant do you need to be: Managing the expectations on what FCPA compliance policies and procedures can and cannot accomplish - Hint: even with the best FCPA compliance program your organization will never be 100% compliant
  • Fallacy: Only unethical companies bribe and are subject to FCPA scrutiny


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