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Live Demo: Quickly De-dupe, Match and Cross-Reference Third Party Records

See how Concordance Solutions can benefit your third party management program

Being able to accurately and uniquely identify your third parties is the foundation for an effective third party management program. Duplicate records, inconsistent naming conventions and missing data will result in bad contact information, inaccurate or incomplete assessments and general confusion and frustration.

The ultimate goal in third party management is to have all third parties flow though your process so that those with elevated risks can be automatically identified and subjected to increased due diligence.

Watch the replay to learn how you can:

  • Resolve all of your third party records into a single "golden" record 
  • Append and enrich records with relevant information from your subscription data sources
  • Cross-reference, map and de-dupe third parties across multiple data sources
  • Maintain a clean, de-duped and consistently formatted file of all your third parties

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